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As a Marching Patriots sponsor, you may rest assured that your company’s name and reputation are being held in the greatest honor by being connected with one of the finest high school marching bands in Kern County. In addition, you can be proud of your role in providing vital financial assistance to the band program. Studies repeatedly show that students who are active in the arts, such as music, achieve more academically and are more mature and responsible than their peers. Your sponsorship encourages success not only on the field, but in the classroom as well.

The attached sheet describes the various sponsorship levels and their accompanying benefits. Your business deserves recognition and these sponsorships are specifically tailored to provide you with the biggest possible “bang for your buck.” Liberty football fans, Band Boosters, residents and visitors will identify your support of the Marching Patriots with your business, raising your visibility with thousands of potential customers and reinforcing the loyalty of those you already serve. Why spend your marketing budget on media buys or direct mail with no assurance of reaching your intended audience when you can strategically target your marketing to a broad cross-section of your own community and support our kids at the same time?

On behalf of everyone associated with the Liberty High Band program, I invite you to join us as a Liberty Band sponsor and I thank you for your consideration. Don’t miss an opportunity to be a part of this championship team!

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